Good Life Radio is a multilingual station that offers entertainment, information and inspiration to the upper LSM Metropolitan audience of South Africa. The station took to the airwaves in Pretoria the capital city of South Africa on 1st of October 2021 with the purpose of providing positive talks on every listener’s perspective. Although Good Life Radio is a digital commercial radio, the station resonates and empathises with the community that still lack internet access. Good Life Radio format is 40% music, 60% talk. Our music, is the best mix of local and international music that consists of 50% international and 50% South African songs. Talk comprises 50% English and 50% Vernacular.


Talk content is led by Presenters, Amplifying the good news in the Country. This unique news positioning finds expression in a topical good-news story opening and closing each program. Good Life Radio growth in listenership has been phenomenal, making us the fastest growing online radio station. Our listeners are matured, affluent and high earners with disposable income; they are family oriented, care about their standard of living, their homes and general health and well-being.



To serve as a highly inspirational radio station that enhances community development, provides motivation, inspire access, heal broken hearts and serve the community.


To operate a radio station that encourages community participation a media platform to provide a world class quality broadcasting that deliver innovation, relevant and accountable programming services. Always guided by our values and policies also be a cutting edge partnership business.


GOOD LIFE RADIO is a radio station that aims to carter the following objectives in line with community empowerment.

1. To become a fountain of HEALING through our well thought spiritually programmes and music.
2. To give HOPE in all aspect of life, through our authentic on-air output.
3. To encourage INSPIRATION with our talk content.
4. To bring solutions through our MOTIVATION that compliments life.
5. To bring EMPOWEREMENT in all our oeganizational pheres.
6. Finally, to be a radio station that fully DEVELOPS our audience with knowledge, education and skills that helps them to become self-reliant communities.
Programming Process:
1. Uninterrupted 24 hourmmes (shows).
2. Local, national and international news (incl. hard and soft news, sports, traffic, weather, etc)
3. Diverse local, national and international music.
4. Encourage volunteerism with incentives; e.g workshop, training, stipends, transport money, etc; this will encourage members to participate fully in stations activities and appearing for their respective shows.
5. Freedom of expression (with responsibilty)
6. Diversity of option
7. Tolerance amoung community members.
8. Broadcasting to people of all ages (holistic approach to demographcs).
9. Efficiently broadcast in our area of coverage (City of Tshwane Metroplolitan Municipality)
10. Good relationship with local and regional stakeholders (community, churches, advertisers, local government, NGO's, Local Shopping Malls/ Centers, Shops and motor dealers etc.)
1. Brand Activations
2. Social responsibility involvement)
3. Marketing and public relations.
4. Broadcast from community, civic and social events.
5. News reporting inside the community to te community by the community.
6. Local government empowerment.
7. Local, national and international business CSI projects.
8. Municipal community activities.
LSM-Targeting 18-69 years age in LSM 4-8
RACE All races
PROVINCE - Gauteng and National Municipality
GENDER - Females 50% Males 50%
The station offers a content that is associated with community activities, such as:
1. Safety awareness from SAPS and community in general.
2. Educational Programs
3. Charity and Health Programs
4. Business empowerment for SMME's
5. Religion teaching and spiritual upliftment
6. Cultural Programs
7. Community Announcements
8. Local Sport Activities
9. Government Programs
7. Community Civic and Social Activities
9. Empowerment content that brings opportunities in all life aspects
GOOD LIFE RADIO aims to cater the multicultural and racial communities in the City of Tshwane Urban and Township areas, with its mandate to improve the lives of its audience by empowering them with inspiration and motivation, while accomodating the needs of self-healin and development. The station is targeting both middle class and upper market community thus to as follows:
1. Working Group
2. Business Orientated Group
3. Religious Group
4. Cultural Group
5. Tertiary Institution Groups
6. Scholars
7. Vulnerable Communities
8. Community Organization
The station will strive to be reliable, progressive, outgoing, and engaging with the community. We offer GOOD LIFE RADIO listeners with a wide range of music content as follows:
1. Golden Oldies
2. Rythm and Blues
3. Afro-Pop
4. Soul
5. Global Pop
6. Gospel
7. House
8. Ama-Piano (clean version)
9. Traditional Music
10. Kwaito
11. Reggae
Healing psychological wounds
Hope always for positive outcomes
Inspiration to find your purpose
Motivation to value your life and others
Empowerment through engaging talk and contribution
Development through the educational information
1. Psychological wounded community
2. Spiritually imbalanced
3. Vulnerable Citizens
4. People with disabilities
5. Finance and support
6. Personal development
7. Business and organization
8. Education and institution
9. Community safety
10. Health and wellness
11. Inspiration and empowerment
English: 50%
Afrikaans: 10%
InsiNdebele: 10%
SePedi: 10%
IsiZulu: 10%
SeTswana: 10%
The whole point of community radio is to involve the community in all the issues affecting them; it is therefore owned and controlled by the community
1. Developing programming concept by themselves
2. Allow the community to-produce some of the shows
3. Use a lot of phone-in shows
4. Develop community partnership
5. Encourage individual, groups or organization volunteerism
6. Programming shouldn't be guesses but should be based on researched material directly from the immediate community
7. We will involve children, pensioners, physically challenged person, underprivilleged youth and refugees in our programming because they are the voice mostly unheard
8. Develop programming focus groups
9. Create listener's club
10. Broadcast news from the community
11. Encourage retired professionals to volunteer their servicea in their field of study or expertise
12. Health and communicable diseases campaigns should be the backbone of the station to fulfill the healthmandate of the institution
13. Programmes specifically aimed at dressing children, women and disable issues
14. Outreach Programmes will be used tosolicit feedback on Programmes

Good Life Radio is a multilingual station that offers entertainment, information and inspiration to the upper LSM Metropolitan audience of South Africa.

321 Louis Rive Street, Montana Gardens
Pretoria, South Africa, 0182
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